Sunday Brunch @ La Vie en Rose

 Sunday Brunch @ La Vie En Rose

*Puppy Friendly! (at their discretion, call ahead to ask first)

I write this in the middle of the night, missing my puppies who are not far away at their little hotel. We’re leaving for Paris in 6 hours, and I can’t sleep, so I’m looking through my favourite photos of them. That’s when I stumbled across our recent brunch at a lovely French restaurant called La Vie En Rose. I still remember calling up and asking if dogs were allowed, when a booming voice in the background (Jean Michel Fraisse, owner) bellowed, “Dogs YES. Children, NO.”

La Vie en Rose is also one of the few places that serves brunch from 9.30am. By 10.30am, we’d made the tricky U-turn from the main road and chugged up the hill to park. Dogs and all bounded out of the car, entangling themselves in their own leashes in excitement, and we plonked ourselves down in a corner on the deck and let our famished tummies do the ordering.

There was a lot to choose from on the menu, even with the ala carte menu not available until 11.30am. We opted for the two brunch sets that offered variety as well as delicious sounding dishes.

La Vie en Rose Brunch Menu

Country Style Brunch (RM80)

House made yoghurt & granola, poached egg in red wine, country style chicken pate, mini duck confit, house made bean stew, Danish pastries, bread, butter and jam

House made yoghurt & granola

Danish, bread, butter & jam

country style chicken pate, mini duck confit, house made bean stew

Poached egg in red wine

La Vie en Rose Brunch Special (RM50)

Eggs Benedict, truffled scrambled eggs, house sausage, roasted potatoes & Tomato Provencale, with free flow Danish, bread, butter & jam

Eggs Benedict, house sausage, roasted potatoes & Tomato Provencale

Truffled scrambled eggs

Everything hit the spot, and getting there early enough meant that we had plenty of time to sip on our coffees and tear away at the buttery pastries and sweet breads.

A chat with Jean Michel, a chat with the Chef, who even grows his own herbs in the garden!


All of us, especially the puppies, really enjoyed themselves.

We even had a little playtime and fun in the sun too…

Looking out from the top of the hill across the normally traffic congested street, at the old and weathered, decaying colonial shop houses, there was an indescribable serenity about La Vie en Rose.


You could almost put your feet up (almost!). The perfect way to spend a Sunday morning.


39, Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur

T: 03 2078 3883


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