Slurping up Hoong Kee Wan Tan Mee @ EAT Food Village, Publika

 Worth the wait… 

A couple of days ago, I went to renew my passport at the new Immigration office off Jalan Duta. I had an hour to kill for lunch so I pestered my old friend Frat Mustard to sneak in a quick, slurpy lunch with me. He suggested the EAT Food Village, the food court at Publika, for a quick, tasty and affordable meal.

It’s only affordable if you order one dish and a drink, unlike me, who always needs variety. I blame it on my mother and the fact she always had four or five dishes on the table for lunch and dinner.

After a quick browse around the stalls, I settled Hoong Kee Wan Tan Mee.

A: because I haven’t had Wan Tan Mee in years, and B: because the hanging slab of Char Siew glistened so brightly it was like looking at diamonds that sparkled at Tiffany’s or Cartier. Only here, I could afford to have it!

I finished my cup of Hot Chinese Tea while waiting for the guy to take my order. It gives you an idea of the wait time at this stall, but it was worth it.

The Char Siew (BBQ Pork) had a lovely caramelized outer layer coated in an unusual thick red sauce that was sweet, sticky with a hint of nuttiness. The noodles were thin, extra long and cooked perfectly so they held together but were still individual strands.

Again, the dark secret soya sauce and more roast pork on top provided the perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

There were 12 little bite sized dumplings in my soup, tasty minced pork wrapped in a delicate wonton skin. The broth itself was very peppery, with a smattering of greens, just the way I like it.

All I have to say is thank goodness I had such a scrumptious lunch – the five hour wait sitting on cold, hard metal chairs for a one hour passport service (I still haven’t picked it up)…well, it’s enough to crumple even the strongest of people with cushioning in their butts.

I’d definitely go back.  To Hoong Kee that is, not to the passport office. Those Wan Tan noodles and Char Siew were well worth the wait!


Hoong Kee Wan Tan Mee (NON-HALAL)

FC9, Level UG1, Publika Shopping Gallery,

No 1, Jalan Dutamas 1,

 50480 Kuala Lumpur,


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