Sushi Zen @ The Gardens Mall

 Cheap & Cheerful Japanese at Sushi-Zen

I always order the same things when I go to Rakuzen. I always order the same things when I go to Sushi Zanmai, it’s conveyor belt sister. And I always order the same things when I go to Sushi-Zen, the groups budget outlet.

It’s quite sad really when you think about it, but somehow I feel comforted that these three restaurants offer the same dishes that I like, which mean wherever I am and there is an outlet, I can get my fix. The only difference is quality (almost imperceptible difference in certain ingredients), size (the size of the makis are much bigger at Rakuzen) but it’s okay, because it’s all relative to the price you pay.

You’ll find Sushi-Zen in the Lower Ground Floor of Gardens Mall. It’s right by the Cold Storage, which means I can get my groceries at the same time. I never seek out to eat there, but everytime I have I’m pleasantly satisfied and ecstatic that I haven’t burnt a hole in my pocket.

Edamame (RM3.80)

Fat beans inside a lightly salted pea shell.

Great to snack because I know the Dragon Roll takes a while to cook.

 Dragon Roll (RM12.80)

This is a much more humble prawn than that at Rakuzen but still tastes just as good, at more than half the price. Crunchy, freshly fried battered prawn rolled in seaweed Japanese rice and topped with avocado, mayo and roe. Warm and filling.

Tobbiko (RM4.80)

You get two pieces here! Lovely popping pearls on top of tasty rice.

Tsukimi Soba (Small – RM7.80)

Instead of my usual miso soup, I was feeling piggish and ordered this tasty soup with Soba (buckwheat noodles) but you can have udon or ramen if you prefer. Topped off with a half cooked egg, seaweed and gorgeous little mushrooms. Slippery suckers that taste so good. It’s a hearty dashi soup, made even richer when you stir in the egg yolk and split up the white. Simple and satisfying.

I didn’t really touch my green tea which is always a must. Normally I have someone else to help me, this time, it was just me. Didn’t have lunch, and now I won’t need dinner. Happy tummy.


Sushi Zen

Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 – 2282 6160

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  • Time to hit Ichiro Sushi Bar in Eat Paradise, Isetan 1U for some authentic sushi goodness =)

    A tip…sit at the bar to be served each morsel by their Jap sushi chefs…hahaha =)

  • Ulric: Oooh! I’ve been there actually, very nice :) Thanks for the reminder.

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