Soupy Noodle-ly Breakfast @ Money’s Corney, Brickfields

When the craving hits…

Sometimes I wake up extra early on the weekend with an emptiness inside me. There’s a hole in my stomach and it’s low, almost indiscernible rumbles go unnoticed by the sleeping husband beside me.

“Wake up…” I hiss at him, softly at first, then progressively getting louder. “Wake up!” I shake him. “I want Peter Pork!’

Over the last 2 years since discovering Money’s Corner in Brickfields, this routine had become a familiar one. There are plenty of things to eat in this hidden little coffee shop, accessible from Jln Tun Sambathan only through a narrow alley next to the open air carpark. A must try are the noodles at Uncle Lim’s stall where the Mee Goreng and Char Koay Teow are wok fried to perfection. My sister Jane used to eat there so often the lady almost knows her by name.

There’s Chicken Rice, Pan Mee, Lam Mee, Rojak, a good spread of ‘Chap Fun’, even the famous Moorthy’s Banana Leaf Rice, which is delicious by the way. You must try the fried Tengirri.

Despite trying all those delicious things, I still come back for only two things. Peter Pork Noodle, and the Curry Laksa. Sometimes I’ll have only one large portion of either one, but on greedy days like today, I order two small portions of each. And add an egg into my Pork Noodles.

I love Koay Teow, and the combination of the silky smooth noodles with the half poached egg in the rich and meaty broth is one way of ensuring my weekend gets off to a good start. The later you go, the stronger the broth. There’s quite a wait during peak hours, especially during weekday lunchtimes when the office crowd descend, but its amazing how your order is never forgotten, and the piping hot bowl of noodles always arrives exactly how you want no. No notepads, no computers, no writing anything down whatsoever. It’s all in the head, and they always find you in the crowd!

Swapping over to the Curry Laksa, I especially like this one because the soup isn’t to heavy with coconut milk, and there’s a hint of fragrant spices that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s loaded with chicken, fishballs, tau pok, tau kwa, beans and more, and you can even have cockles (kerang) if you want.

It’s almost like the Penang Curry Mee met and fell in love with the Nyonya Laksa from Malacca, got married and gave birth to this delicious concoction. The aunty who sells it is really friendly and always apologized profusely in the days when I used to go around lunchtime and she was sold out. I know better now!

So, that was my sinful indulgence this morning. I call it energy food before going on-air! You should try it sometime…

See the empty bowls and satisfied faces?


Money’s Corner,

144A, Jalan Vivekananda,

Off Jalan Brickfields,

50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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