Need a Satay Fix? Stop by Satay Station!

Satay Station @ Mont’ Kiara

Ramadhan is over. The tantalizing sweet, smoky smell of meat being grilled over charcoal no longer lurks around every corner in a street market.

So what do you do when it’s that awkward hour between lunch and dinner, and you’ve had neither?

Whenever Lil’ Chef and I are in the Mont Kiara area, we stop by Satay Station. It’s a no frills ‘cafe’ after Wendy’s, as you turn the corner between Mont’ Kiara and the busy Solaris shopping area. Rather unpleasant to sit outside in the blazing 5 o’clock heat, but we pretend to be matsaleh (well, one of us really is, me! Muahahaha) and still do it.

I just look at the man standing there cooking the damn delicious things and think, “If he can cook it in this heat, I can eat it”.

What’s amazing is that there’s no one there, but he keeps cooking. And people keep randomly appearing to pick up large bags full of these juicy sticks of meat. They’re smart! Takeway for the residents in the area is clearly the popular and wiser choice. I can imagine these would make great starters for a dinner party or even an after school treat for your kids. Healthier than McDonalds at least, which incidentally is not so hard to achieve.

Beware the drinks that come in the form of Teh Tarik or Teh Ais – super sweet.

I actually got my first taste of Satay Station’s tender pieces of chicken & beef on a skewer while filming a travel & food show for Fried Chillies. They introduced me to it’s original branch in Kampung Pandan, which is a darling little Kampung style house with a truly homely feel. We don’t live in that are and to drive there just before rush hour on any day would be suicide, in terms of time.

So, Satay Station in Mont’ Kiara is the next best thing. Tender morsels of chicken thigh and skin dripping with their secret marinade and proudly sporting that very fashionable charred BBQ look. Delicious.

What makes it doubly irresistible is the thick and chunky peanut sauce that packs a punch. Add on Ketupat if you want it a bit more filling, but I’m happy just combining the succulent meat with crunchy fresh cucumber and onions.

I’m not gonna oversell it as I’m sure there are plenty of Satay enthusiasts out there. For me, give me a succulent piece of meat that you can gnaw at (or rip off!) a stick with no effort, soaked in a rich sauce with crunch, teamed with crunchy cool cucumber and sharp onions that WILL make your breath stink… well, that’s just what I like at 5 o’clock after a long day of work.

No frills, no fuss, just a fast, cheap and tasty snack to stop you from over-shopping on an empty stomach at the grocers.


G-2B Mont’ Kiara Meridin

19, Jalan Duta Kiara, Kuala Lumpur,

Kuala Lumpur 50480, Malaysia

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