It’s FIERCE, so I’m telling you about it!

 Fierce Curry House, Bangsar

This place with its ballsee tagline “If you like our curry, tell everyone it’s FIERCE!” caught my eye.

It’s a simple restaurant, in a slightly odd dodgy, I wouldn’t want to wander around this place alone at night location. Turn left before the Shell station from Jalan Bangsar, then right, and you’ll see it a few doors up from Southern Rock Seafood. Blink and you’ll miss it.

We went on a Saturday night, and it was pretty quiet.

Apparently, weekday and weekend lunches are insane. Famous for its refreshing Lassi range, Lobster Biryani and dum method of cooking, Fierce Curry House seems to be steaming its way through the hearts of KL-ites from all walks of life. Even Scallops and King Prawns are on the menu, as well as a staggering choice of sweet or savoury roti and thosai.

Since the Lobster Biryani has to be pre-ordered at least a day in advance, we settled on the less extravagant but no less delicious Chicken and Mutton Biryani, and added on a few sides.

It was pretty interesting to watch the pastry being cracked open, and to be hit with the wonderful fragrance of rich spices that tickle your nose. Dripping with pure ghee I’m sure. I couldn’t see it but I could smell it, and it was the aroma of happiness soon to come.

It was a “one pot meal” that could actually feed two, and I felt a bit like I was stuck in the old fairytale “The Magic Porridge Pot”. Bottomless it seemed, and with our add on deepfried bittergourd, mutton masala and chicken curry, it was a challenge that we lost.

I love the moistness of the rice, the tenderness of the meat, and the bursts of flavours that erupt with every bite. The set comes with a mild curry, a refreshing cucumber raita and a tangy cucumber salad.

The combination was delicious. Make sure you get a bit of everything in every bite for maximum flavour. Simply sinful.

They even have a slogan for the body conscious – “Weight Loss Can Wait. Banana Leaf Weekends are FIERCE.” Brilliant! They’re pretty active on Facebook, and you can find out about their specials there.

It’s no wonder that despite their newness to the KL food scene, this humble yet crazily tasty restaurant is already a strong contender in the Time Out KL Food Awards.

Well, I liked it, and I’m telling you it’s FIERCE! You’ve got to try it.


Fierce Curry House

16 Jalan Kemuja

Bangsar Utama

59000 Kuala Lumpur


T: +6 03 2202 3456





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