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My healthy – ahem – fitness regime

I used to work out. A lot. A few years back, I was running almost everyday, swimming at least two to 3 times a day, and ‘Jane Fonda-ing’ before I went to bed. You know the workout video, shot in the 80’s where she’s in a stripey-pink leotard with big hair, and they’re all singing “There’s so much, more, to you than meets the eye…”

So yes, back in those days, working out was a habit yet somewhere along the line, I just stopped.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve made a conscious effort to get healthy and fit again. I start the day with a homemade smoothie in the morning. Flavours may vary from the very yummy mango, strawberry and banana to the questionable romaine lettuce, spinach, apple and lime. Honestly, I would rather eat my salads then drink them, but I do what the experts say!

Exercise wise, a trip to the gym downstairs every other day is a habit I’m trying to bring back, as is the ‘Jane Fonda-ing’ at night. I walk the dogs every Sunday in our favourite dog friendly park (3 is a bit much to handle taking out by myself) and a dip in the pool with a 20 minute swim is a refreshing way to relax yet work out on the weekends.

I spied a sign that said there were yoga classes on the roof every Monday and Thursday, so that may be something to add to the list…

Even better, imagine learning yoga by the beach, on a tropical island like Pangkor Laut. Heaven on Earth…

My favourite view at Pangkor Laut

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