25 New dishes as ‘Delicious’ as ever!

25 New dishes as ‘Delicious’ as ever!

I remember when Delicious first opened many years ago. It was the talk of town. All of its branches sported the same welcoming concept with white and turquoise signature colours, but each cafe had individual traits that made them unique to the location. My particular favourite branch has always been the one in Bangsar Village II.

Sadly, one bad experience and the fact that the food progressively began to have more of a mass-produced feel then when it originally opened turned me off and I haven’t been back for years. Until now.

I’m not sure of the specifics, but the group changed ownership a few years back and is now under Eastern & Oriental Berhad, a company that has strived to improve the food and image of the restaurant. It’s most recent effort was to welcome Chef Steve Allen as the E&O Group Creative Chef. Now this man is no stranger to the kitchen, having worked his way up the ladder in Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s, London from 2001 to 2011. Now, he brings his experience and creativity to all the restaurants under the group, and I was lucky enough to sample the fruits of his efforts. Group Executive Chef, Chef Kasdi Dahari worked together with Chef Steve Allen to develop the latest additions to the existing Delicious menu.

Photo courtesy of the Delicious Group

“The inspiration behind the dishes was to look at using the freshest ingredients, more vegetables, creating more healthy food as the world’s eating habits are progressing towards consumption of nutritious food and the use of more sustainable products.

“The dishes are intended to be more homecooked in approach with a twist, which suits the Malaysian palate with their winning combination of Mediterranean, Middle East and European cuisines.” – Chef Kasdi

Our host for the afternoon, Loke Poh Lin (Assistant General Manager, Branding & Editorial) was a true gem! I was about an hour late for the tasting as duty calls on the radio waves on weekends. Pureglutton and her charming hubbie had already eaten their way through some of the 25 new dishes, and were starting on desserts. You can read her post here.

“Chef Kasdi and Chef Allen sieved through more than 70 dishes initially and tested them till they shortlisted 45, which then underwent a further two rounds of tasting till the list was honed down to 25 dishes.”

Poh Lin was kind enough to order a few extra dishes for me while I nibbled on the sinful desserts and started my meal back to front! I’ll tell you about what I tried in the right order though!

Crab & avocado salad with gazpacho & cos lettuce

I adore salads! This one was particularly creative, with the pleasant surprise of chilled tomato soup lurking underneath. If Poh Lin hadn’t told me about it, I would probably have eaten my way through from top to bottom and only discovered it at the end. You have to eat it all together.

The tangy tomato flavour combined with the smooth avocado, shredded crabmeat in creamy mayo, crunchy lettuce and chunky croutons was a winning combination. I polished off the whole plate to myself and felt no remorse at not sharing it with the others! Hey, they’d already had one.

Tomato, leek & zucchini quiche with black olive tapenade

A beautifully dense pastry, baked to perfection. The baked egg mixture was infused with the flavours of tomato, leek and zucchini while the olive tapenade added a slightly pungent and nutty taste to the dish.

Crispy tiger prawns in coriander batter with lime chilli dip

This was a dish from the Grazing menu, perfect for a light afternoon snack or nibbles to share. The batter was incredibly soft, yet crispy, almost like a tempura batter but much smoother. The prawns were bouncy and fresh, and you could taste the sweetness of the flesh and freshness with every bite.

There was a subtle hint of coriander, and instead of lime chilli dip we were treated to an outstanding homemade tartar sauce and a sharp coriander & peppercorn dip.

Harissa Parmigiano baked eggplant with tomato, Mozzarella & basil

A few of the dishes carry a strong Mediterranean influence, and this one in particular was boasting the flavours of Morrocco. I could taste garlic, peppers, coriander and all kinds of spices that had seeped in to the aubergines. That’s what I love about aubergines, their ability to soak up every flavour of every ingredient they’re cooked with.

The icing on the cake in this case was the ridiculously tasty grated parmesan on the top, that had been grilled so crispy I had a hard time believing it was just cheese!

As I was going eating my way through the baked eggplant, I noticed the majority of the new dishes were vegetarian friendly. Poh Lin explained that they were simply listening to customers feedback, and giving them what they asked for. Well, if being a vegetarian means eating food as good as this, I’m game! There were a few things that caught my eye that I’d definitely go back for, like the Pumpkin Cream of pumpkin soup with Parmesan & truffle oil, Lemon & black pepper parpadelle and the Chick pea & Parmesan bites.

Don’t worry, meat lovers won’t be disappointed with what they’ve added either! New Meat Dishes:

How does a freshly made Roast beef sandwich sound? Or a Baked rigatone with sundried tomato, beef bacon & eggplant? I’m eyeing Mama’s beef Bolognese spaghettini with meatballs & Parmesan, as well as the 16-hour braised boneless beef short ribs… The Roast loin of lamb & braised rump of lamb is definitely on my must try list.

 I was dying to try one of the meat dishes but with the desserts sitting in front of me, taunting me and almost saying, “EAT ME! EAT ME!” I decided to save it for another day. Since I know the food is once again restored to its former glory, hell, even better than before, I have reason to return.

I’m a savoury not a sweet gal, so I was pleasantly surprised when I enjoyed three out of four of the desserts.

Raspberry & Mango tart

The taste of the mango combined with the raspberry coulis in the middle was just refreshing! It was almost like eating a fresh fruit salad that had been carefully blitzed and reassembled together to make this work of art. Beautiful presentation.

Chilled pineapple cheesecake

Very nice! Creamy yet not overpowering, with a soft centre and crunchy bottom made from oats, a nice change to the usual flour and butter.

I loved the sweet yet tart overall taste from the pineapples. I would definitely have this again.

Cold chocolate fondant

I thought we were starting to get into ‘sweet territory’ here but I was wrong.

This dessert was perfectly balanced, the chocolate mousse light and foamy, a beautiful contrast to the sweet-savoury sticky macadamias.

Warm melted “Chocolicious” pudding

Chocoholics would love this one! Extremely rich, oozing warm, thick chocolate, complemented by the melting vanilla ice cream.

A tad too sweet for me, but if you love desserts, you’ll love this!

The new dishes are available at all Delicious cafes, and they’ve even opened a new one to make your life easier!

“May is also the month that The Delicious Group opens its ninth café!  More foodies will be able to enjoy the wholesome Delicious experience at the spanking new Setia City Mall located in Section U13, SetiaAlam, ShahAlam.”

Generous portions, creative dishes, fresh ingredients…With so much good new stuff on the menu in addition to the existing dishes, how can you resist?

For more info, head over to www.thedeliciousgroup.com

Delicious, Bangsar Village 2

Lot GF-1, Ground Floor, Bangsar Village 2,
Jalan Telawi, 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
T: 603 2287 1554  F: 603 2287 1553

Opening hours:

 MON-FRI: 11.00am – 12.00 midnight (No Breakfast Menu Available)
SAT, SUN & PH: 9.00am – 12.00 midnight (Full Breakfast Menu Available on Weekend & PH till 11.30am)


Named after the signature Delicious Cafe, the Delicious Group now consists of ten F&B outlets operating under three separate F&B entities. The seven Delicious Cafes are located in prime spots across the Kuala Lumpur (at Dua Annexe, Marc Residences, 1 Utama, Bangsar Village II, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid and Setia City Mall), one in Penang (at Straits Quay, Penang’s first festive retail marina) and one in Singapore (at Scotts Square) and have garnered a strong reputation for quality, presentation and value that has led to a successful extension in catering.

Complementing the flagship Delicious outlet at Dua Annexe isthe Delicious Group’s gourmet food store, Delicious Ingredients,and the casual fine dining restaurant, DISH. Reunion is theChinese restaurant within the Delicious Group, named after thecornerstone family tradition of gathering at Chinese New YearEve for a reunion dinner. Since opening in 2007, Reunion hasgained superb reviews by restaurant critics and food bloggersalike with positive endorsement for its authentic and innovativeHong Kong-style cuisine and distinctive ambience.

The Delicious Group is 100% owned by the Eastern & Oriental Group.


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