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The dinner

Sometimes, it’s nice to have dinner out with your friends. Sometimes, we forget that it’s not so much about the food, it’s about the company. Sometimes, good food, is just a bonus!

‘Taste New Zealand’ has been a month long promotion at Trader’s Hotel KL. Has it already been a month since the launch? Almost. My, how time flies! Time to get our a**es over there and actually eat the food I’ve recommended! It ends on Sunday 18th March, so you’d better hurry…

“If you’re going to try anything, you have to try the 7-Course Signature Menu,” said Theresa, our host for the evening. I was eyeing a couple of smaller dishes from the a la carte section, like the NZ little neck clam chowder, at the very reasonable price of RM18++.

Oh well, I wasn’t going to disrupt the flow of the kitchen and opt for the 4 Course Set Menu – Taste of New Zealand Ocean Pot – at RM190++ with wine pairing, RM150++ without wine pairing.

No, this time, I would not think so much about the food for once and over-analyze every single ingredient. This time, I would enjoy the entire experience, and appreciate the cuisine for what it was. I cracked open a piece of freshly baked olive bread and smothered it in butter infused with truffle oil. Yes, it would be a good evening.


With wine pairing RM250++        Without wine pairing RM190++


Fresh New Zealand Oysters Bom Bom

Shallot,parsley, pesto sauce, lemon, 42 below vodka

New Zealand oysters differ to others in both taste and texture, and the deshelled one we had in front of us to start was plump and creamy, tasting strongly of the sea with a hint of that alcoholic bitterness from the jellied vodka. It was perfectly washed down with the Cuvee No 8, No 1 Family Estate, which, ahem…was supposed to be the dessert sparkling wine but we had with our appetizer.

Great combination, albeit an unintentional pairing!


Warm New Zealand King Salmon Confit, diced mango, duo of avocado and fennel apple salad

Savignon Blanc, Ohau Gravels, New Zealand

Fresh salmon, slow cooked to a perfect flakiness. The sweetness of the pink meat was set off by the fruity mango, creamy avocado and crunchy apple. A simple, fresh dish paired with the slightly acidic and citrusy Savignon Blanc from Ohau Gravels, which was a very easy drinking wine.


“16” degree cold New Zealand Avocado Soup

Served with New Zealand green lip mussels, yoghurt foam and curry dust

Pinot Gris, Ohau Gravels, New Zealand

We talked and laughed about the world of cooking, hotels and more. We sipped on our chilled soup, which was slightly sweet, and oh so foamy. It was whipped to the point of being as light as a cloud, if I imagine what a cloud would taste like. I love avocados, and I though the combination of avocado & yoghurt had an almost ‘breakfast’ taste for me, reminding me of a pot of fruit yogurt. The green lip mussel was mild in flavour and soft in texture, enhancing the taste of the soup.

The wine however, I found a bit too ‘woody’ for my liking, and it had a strong taste of melon. That’s just me though!


Lemon Thyme Chardonnay

Tangy, icy cold and very alcoholic! It knocked any other taste right out of our mouths and made ready for the next course.


Combination of New Zealand Lamb Rack & Herb Crusted New Zealand Beef Tenderloin

Potato Galattes, baby carrot, zucchini, golden flakes, jus de roti

Pinot Noir, Ohau River, New Zealand

I loved the presentation of the dish. The wow factor was there. Just by looking at the pretty plating, with such an array of colours and textures, not overcomplicated but with thought put into it, well, half the battle was already won.

“Ooh! Shredded Wheat!” I exclaimed, pointing at the little woven cereal piece sitting on the corner of the plate.

How cute, and it was coated in edible gold for a touch of glamour!

Slicing into my lamb I found hardly any resistance to my knife. It was like cutting through butter. Cooked to a perfect medium, the meat melted in my mouth.

The beef was a little grainier, but equally as delicious with a generous coating of crunchiness from the herb crust. Deliciously paired with a lighter red, the Pinot Noir, which exuded flavours of plum and wild berries.


New Zealand Cheese with berries compote and toasted bread

I’m a cheese girl, and would forgo dessert any day for a good plate of cheese! Mild in flavour and soft in texture, the New Zealand cheeses were a nice way to break before dessert.


Pear Poached in Marlborough Merlot

Citrus pear salad, manuka honey ice cream

I love poached pears, and here it was done just perfectly. The aroma from the Marlborough Merlot was intoxicating, and had soaked into every inch of the pear. The manuka honey ice cream was exceptional, and it’s always fun to have chewy sweet and sticky bits in ice cream.

A really stunning dessert.

Yes, I tried not to focus too much on the food, but as the meal went on I found myself less and less involved in the conversation and more involved in chewing! It just goes to show, when you least expect it, you’ll find a great meal right in front of your face.

*This promotion at Traders Hotel KL runs until Sunday 18th March. You’ve still got time to head on down there for a Taste of New Zealand!


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