A spot of Afternoon Tea @ the Majestic Malacca

Afternoon Tea at the Majestic Malacca

I like to think that my fondest childhood memories come from Malacca. Over 20 years ago, the Malacca I spent my holidays in was different. It had character, it had charm. It was simple, yet unique.

I dread the thought of going back nowadays. The only thing that draws me there and makes me throw my good sense out the window and spend 2 hours in my car driving down, is the food.

The Malacca today is not as I remembered. No more quite bike rides down to the Portuguese Settlement. In place of quiet, narrow streets are traffic jammed car ridden roads, tacky, over-adorned rickshaws blaring out Lady Gaga songs from their crackly speakers and throngs of tourists contaminating heritage buildings. An out of place tower stands not far from an old, Portuguese ship. Monstrosity mega malls and stark shoplots sit on reclaimed land, where once stood open green spaces or the untouched Straits of Malacca.

It was a joy then to discover that someone had the good sense to preserve the old, and turn it into a hotel at that! A hotel with a delicious afternoon tea that could rival even that served at Buckingham Palace! Well, one can speculate.


Take a deep breath of sea air and let your cares flow away as you step into a classic YTL Hotel.


The Majestic Malacca.


“Located at the heart of the hotel, The Lounge at The Mansion presents an inviting space, ideal for midday refreshments, afternoon tea or just conversation.”

After stuffing our faces with Nyonya Laksa at Donald & Lily’s, and Chicken Rice Balls at Hoe Kee, we checked in The Majestic Malacca and settled down for some civilised afternoon tea. The lounge itself is rather small, so book early to avoid disappointment.


I did see guests enjoying their tea out in the lobby but for more privacy, you want to be by the books where you can totally relax!


From 3pm to 6pm, at the price of RM 48++ per person, you get the following:


I loved the selection of teas from around the world, as well as the local BOH tea selection that just tasted simply divine…


And I adored not only the classic ‘high-tea’ items that tasted spectacular, but also the fact that they’ve put a local spin on it and included Nyonya delicacies like Pai Tee and Nyonya Chung.


The former was beautifully crunchy and filled to the brim with shredded vegetables, topped off with a savoury, spicy prawn paste.


The latter, a sticky glutinous rice steamed dumpling wrapped in pandan leaf and filled with savoury shredded coconut.


I do think the Pie Tee was my favourite!


There were crispy Won Ton’s, crunchy Samosas and fat Curry Puffs.


There were fluffy scones, with homemade jam and whipped (not clotted) cream.


Every bite brought a whole new meaning to the word ‘pleasure’. The jam that came with the scones was phenomenal. Not too sweet, and still retaining all that fresh fruit flavour.


Even the sandwiches were delicious! Simple, classic, yet oh, so tasty.


Fresh salmon, chunky tuna, creamy egg, and crunchy cucumber, each one layered delicately between slices of bread smothered in butter. We waited awhile for the pies, which were served piping hot.


It was worth the wait. The icing on the cake wasn’t the cake itself, but the gravy filled chicken pies that just oozed goodness with every bite.


The cakes were nothing to shout about, and  although they looked good, I would gladly exchange them for more chicken pies!


Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my high tea. I mean, nothing better than a spot of tea to wash down breakfast and lunch.


Even if you don’t get a chance to stay there, do stop by for a splash of afternoon tea. Try the Earl Grey with Tangerine. I guarantee all your worries will be washed away.

*Special thanks to Julian and the team at Majestic Malacca for a delicious afternoon tea.


The Majestic Malacca
188 Jalan Bunga Raya
75100 Melaka, Malaysia

W: www.majesticmalacca.com

For reservations and enquiries through the YTL Travel Centre, you may email us at travelcentre@ytlhotels.com.my.

GPS: N 2° 12′ 03.58″, E 102° 15′ 07.43″

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  • YTL Resorts seem to do a very good job with their afternoon tea. Tried both the Ritz Carlton and Cameron Highlands Resort afternoon tea and they were good.

  • glad to hv bumped into you that day! hope the laksa sated your appetite!

    from donald and lily’s son ^_^

  • Hey Kelvin! It was a dream come true to have 2 bowls of laksa! Please say hi to Jeniffer, your mum and dad :) Will be writing about our food crawl soon! Next time you guys are in kl give me a buzz ya :)

  • Hey baby sumo! Yes, they do indeed :) I think its not just the food though but the whole atmosphere… their hotels have so much thought put into making it seem ‘old’ yet preserved, and those dainty cups and saucers… love em!

  • Aly, I work in KL leh… you forgot meh? 😛

    2 bowls enough of not??? I was prepping a 3rd bowl to send to you that day 😛

  • Hi Aly,It’s so great to have u over at our place always..and having two bowls of laksa,it makes me feel great!The next time ur in melaka,do give me a call too!(of course get the number frm my brother,la)cannot simply write tel no.here ma…..hehe..
    till then take good care….cheers!

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