Moorthy’s Mathai Restaurant, Brickfields

Moorthy’s Mathai Restaurant

I’ve got a backlog of posts to write because I’ve been too busy eating around KL, filming an upcoming street food show that will make it to your screens… soon. Along the way, I’ve discovered some really, out-of-this-world places. Moorthy’s Mathai Indian Rice was one of them.


Famous for his lamb curry and deep fried Tenggiri Fish (Spanish Mackerel), you’ll find this simple stall in Brickfields, hidden, I mean really hidden from plain sight. The fish is crazy fresh! Huge chunks deepfried to a crispy perfection, with white, meaty flesh that manages to stay ridiculously moist on the inside.


The stall exists happily in a food court called ‘Money Corney’. I was intrigued to see a Banana Leaf place amidst Chinese hawkers like Peter’s Pork Noodles (which was delicious by the way), economy rice, won ton soup and more. You have to walk down an alley, next to a carpark on Jalan Tun Sambathan, that’s opposite the POS LAJU building. If you can’t find it, ask a local and they’ll be able to help!

But this isn’t the place I’m going to write about today. Yes, Moorthy has become so successful that he’s opened up a restaurant a little further down the road, just before the Public Bank on the corner. I got our regular Banana Leaf gang together to give their stamp of approval, and today, this fine Sunday, we had a feast for lunch.


Terry, Lil’ Chef, Shareena, NJ and I parked ourselves down and ordered. Terry was off to a good start with his tall, cool glass of Mango Lassi. Rich and creamy, with a lovely intense yet fresh flavour from sweet tasting mangoes.


We were there for Banana Leaf rice of course, but they have plenty of other options like Nasi Lemak, Tosai, Roti and more.


There’s no shortage of dishes to choose from!

Crispy, golden brown Fried Chicken…

fried chicken

Crunchy, savoury deep-fried Bittergourd…


Sparkling greens like stringy okra…


Or greens disguised as moreish snacks like deep-fried long beans…


And the curry to end all curries… tender chunks of mutton, marrow bones and all…


Feeling greedy and wanting to try everything, we ordered the Mutton Masala, the Chicken Varuval, Fried Tenggiri, deep fried Bittergourd, Deep fried long beans, Rassam, as well as all the usual sides that come with Banana Leaf rice.


We wanted to try the fried squid as well, but they had sold out… next time!

Lil’ Chef, Terry and Shareena had the Chicken Biryani while NJ had the Lamb version. We were all pretty shocked when a mountain of rice appeared in a bowl and was tipped out onto their leaves!


NJ commented that the Lamb Biryani was a little on the dry side, while the rest wolfed down their Chicken Biryani’s. Fragrant and moist, with a beautiful balance of curry flavour and spices. There was plenty of meat, and in the middle sat a shiny white egg, almost like a treasure waiting to be discovered! I was lucky, because Lil’ Chef doesn’t eat egg, Shareena didn’t want hers and Terry doesn’t like yolk. So I had all that too to mash into my white rice, along and tasty, crunchy Poppadums!


There was silence at the table as no one spoke for awhile. Too busy chewing!


We finished everything.

top banana leaf

Since Shareena soon won’t have the luxury of Banana Leaf Rice anymore, this was a fantastic start to many more to come in the next couple of months. I will FEED you Shareena, I will feed you with Banana Leaf Rice until you pop!


And after a hefty meal like that, a nap is needed so Lil’ Chef and I planned ahead and scheduled a massage immediately after! Zzzzz…


This is definitely one of the best Banana Leaf places I’ve tried so far. If you’re a fish lover and are going specifically for the deep fried Tenggiri, I recommend sweating it out at the original stall. The lamb curry there was also thicker and darker, more robust in flavour. If you want to enjoy your spicy meal in the comfort of air-conditioning, then definitely head down to Moorthy’s Mathai Restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.



Moorthy’s Mathai Restaurant

78 Jalan Tun Sambathan

50470 Kuala Lumpur



Moorthy’s Mathai Indian Rice

144A, Jalan Vivekananda,

50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012 2880940 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 012 2880940 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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  • the thing that makes me come back is also that addictive potatoes that they serve with your BLR, that i tell you is the bomb; carb + carb!

  • I went yesterday to then air conditioned restaurant and to say that I was disappointed is an understatement. For the record I have had the original Mathai’s fried fish in the eighties when it was run by the old man himself at the no longer existent Peking Hotel in Brickfields. I have also tried the Mathais Curry House at Ampang Point area. I went to this restaurant yesterday with high expectations after reading reviews in a few blogs (including this one). Unfortunately, the fried fish came cold as a rock and was not much softer. It looked and tasted like it was fried the day before. The secret of the original Mathais fried fish was the fact that it reached the customers plates seconds after leaving the frying pan. The day could still have been saved if everything else we ate was better. But no, the fish curry as well as the chicken curry was very watery and the vegetables were only so-so. Definitely not going there again. Whoever is running the restaurant should buck up or ship out. Make sure the fish is fresh and hot or don’t name it Mathais.

  • Hi Kash, sorry to hear about your bad experience. I’ve eaten recently at the stall in Money Corney and the food was very good. Haven’t been to the restaurant in awhile… Thanks for sharing your experience! :)

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