Restoran Chinatown Seng Kee @ Jln Sultan

‘Rat-tail’ noodles before the ‘Rat-run’

I’m such a snooper. I really am.

I was watching the tweets between Paranoidandroid and Fatboybakes go back and forth, back and forth. They were talking about a restaurant in Chinatown called Seng Kee. Paranoidandroid was saying it was old school Chinese food, as close as you would get to Sek Yuen in Pudu. Hmm… I thought. Must try it.

Fatboybakes then tweeted, “Who wants to eat at Seng Kee tonight?”

Note: *It turns out the restaurant they were actually talking about is called Sang Kee.

“Me, me, me!” I replied. Unfortunately, the evening kind of took on a different turn as I started writing about Laura Calder instead. I was determined to go, and the next day, Lil’ Chef said we needed to go to Chinatown to buy a rat for Snakey (our pet snake, who was starving to death. Trust me, if you want to know how long a snake can survive without food… well, let me tell you it’s QUITE LONG!).

What better way to spend a Saturday lunch then by eating ‘rat tail noodles’, then buying a rat? I couldn’t think of a more exciting way to spice up a boring ‘rat-run’. It turned out the restaurant was just a couple of doors away from the pet shop n Jalan Sultan. How convenient!


Surprisingly convenient as well is the well lit, clean underground carpark across the road. Apparently, Seng Kee is more of a supper place, and that would explain why only 3 tables were occupied at 1230 that Saturday. We sat down, next to a ‘Matsaleh’ couple, and blended in as tourists. Well, with Lil’ Chef around its hard to look local, although he’s the one who does the ordering when we’re at local places like this!

They’ve got an extensive menu to choose from, and the one outside (photo) is slightly different to the laminated ones you’re given inside.


Under their specialties section, we spied Claypot Pearl Noodle (Lou Shu Fan), Roasted Pork Noodles, Pigs Intestine, and Dumplings. It was pork all the way! The lovely lady who was taking our order looked a little scared when we ordered all of the specials, and added a Garlic Kai Lan as well. Well, you gotta have a little green right?

Claypot Pearl Noodle (Lou Shu Fan or Rat’s Tail Noodle)

S – RM 8, M – RM 12, L-RM 18


We ordered a medium portion of this, as it was the reason we came. A steaming hot claypot arrived about 5 mins later, overflowing with mince pork and topped with a glowing egg.


Digging in deeper, we found the ‘rat tails’.


Plump, juicy noodles that fill you up in a few bites.


The dish itself was incredibly tasty, although it could have done with a little more cooking time to get that ‘charred’ flavour. The noodles tasted more boiled and lacked the claypot flavour. Still, very good, and satisfying.

Majestic BBQ Pork Noodles (Roasted Pork Noodles)

S- RM 9, M- RM 14, L-RM 20


This was essentially a dish of wan tan noodles, topped with chopped roast pork. The pork was a little on the hard side, and it felt like they had cooked up last night’s leftovers, rather than slice up a fresh batch.


Still, I understand the idea of the dish, and can see why it regarded highly. Perhaps evenings are a better time to sample their ware? Maybe at Seng Kee, timing is everything. Overall, apart from the hard pork, the noodles itself were scrumptious.

Stir fried Kai Lan with Garlic


Crispy, crunchy and green, just the way I like it.


Seng Kee Special : Pig Intestine (with garlic, dried shrimp & chilli padi)

RM 16


Normally, I find pigs intestines a little too strong in smell for my liking. However, at Seng Kee, that was not an issue. Maybe the pig was slain at the back and the intestines harvested just before cooking, or maybe the garlic, dried shrimp & chilli padi sauce was so tasty it just obliterated any pungent aroma of innards.


Loved it. If you’ve got the stomach for intestine,(or the guts for guts!) try this.

Dumplings (Soup)

RM 6


You can choose to have these dry, but we had ours with soup. Hand-made, fat dumplings stuffed with minced pork and prawn, wrapped in a delicate skin.


Juicy and full of flavour, but very filling. With all the other food on the table and this dish arriving last, I’m sad to say we had to sacrifice a couple of dumplings.



It was a fulfilling lunch, and definitely a perk before buying snake food.


Hey, maybe next time I won’t be so opposed to heading down to Chinatown to get a rat. It certainly made the drive home (with rustling noises from the paper bag in the front seat) a little more bearable…


China Town Seng Kee (NON-HALAL)
52, Jalan Sultan,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03- 2072 5950
Operating hours: Noon till 3.00 am

*Supper recommended

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  • this is definitely supper stuff!! the roast pork noodles were awesome from my fading memory..although most taste buds that come here in the middle of the nite r usually compromised with alcohol

  • haha! True true… food always taste’s better after a few drinks :) i enjoyed it though. overall clean, nice place, good food :)

  • chis, woman, how am IIII supposed to blog about this now!!! i hope you had my siu yoke leftovers…guffffawwww….i’m amazed the two of you tucked in that amount. eh, i am not sure if the place we were talking about on twitter IS this place, cos that one is SANG KEE, a shack behind baden powell house la. however, we also ended up here coz i was craving for the rat tails. i’ve only ever had it for supper, usually drunk.

  • Fatboybakes – can’t believe i’m so dumb and went to Seng Kee instead of Sang Kee… why all the names the same one… hehe. Still got chance for us to go together-gether! :)

  • Wow… just the 2 of you ate all that? Respect, hehe! Nice rat run u had, altho’ i do think i’d be preeety squeamish about that rustling bag in the car….eeuww!

  • Erm … can’t agree with this, Aly.
    The noodles were off that time we went for dinner.

    I felt that Wong Ah Wah’s roast pork noodles was better.

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